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February 11th, 2011

The Real Me

 …what can I say? I like a lot of stuff.

…I love watching Asian dramas, those that’d really make me cry just like One Liter of Tears and Koizora; I like them because my life lacks drama so I need to compensate LOL.

…I’ve been switching crushes a lot lately, from Eunhyuk, to Jang Geun Suk to Yesung then Changmin then Junsu back to Changmin again then to Park Hae Jin and now to Hiroshi Tamaki. And yes, they’re all Asians. My western crushes are stable… so I don’t really switch a lot; my interest for them never fades unlike with my Asian crushes.

…I love dogs! I really want big ones, those that are made for attacking, killing whatsoever, I think they’re cool.

…I’m the Queen of Twitter, that’s what my friends say and that’s what I think too. I really do tweet a lot.

…I like monarchy. I especially like British and Russian monarchs, although those in Russia had been terminated a long time ago. But I think they’re really the most magnificent of all the monarchies. They’re very grand. The English, well I think in my past life I was an English monarch. LOL. It’s a very wild imagination, but I feel like it’s true.

…I love books! Especially Harry Potter and Jane Austen books. Love their movies too. I don’t read pocketbooks though, except for Barbara Cartland novels. They’re about Royals and besides the late Princess Diana adores them, I do too! I think the stories are nice and innocent unlike those crappy pocketbooks lousy people read. I hate those kinds!

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